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Precise and trustworthy translations

If you want to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers of a text written in English , French or Spanish or if you intend to internationalize your website, choose to rely on a specialized translator with extensive experience in the translation of general texts, editorial texts and especially technical texts.

For a quality translation suited to your needs, contact Armenise Translation , who will take care of your texts with extreme professionalism.

Choose a basic, intermediate or advanced level course and follow well-structured lessons, which consist of a listening part, a reading and comprehension part, a grammar part with related exercises, a vocabulary and a conversation part. Translation courses are available on request !

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

My Services

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  • I deal with general, editorial and technical translations, guaranteeing maximum accuracy, terminological precision and textual consistency. Thanks to my academic studies and my professional experiences I have been able to deepen different fields including food and wine , tourism , e-commercemarketing and medical translation. My translations are not limited to the simple transmission of meaning from one language to another, but aim at respecting the cultural differences between peoples.

About Me

Alessio Armenise

Hello everyone!

I’m Alessio Armenise , a specialized freelance translator. My working languages ​​are English , French and Spanish .

Armenise Translation is a very young reality, born from a great passion for foreign languages ​​and cultures and a strong motivation to undertake a career as a translator .

Five years ago I left Bari with a suitcase full of dreams and hopes headed for Forlì , where I began my studies at the DIT of the University of Bologna, and then specialized at the SSLMIT of the University of Trieste .

My portfolio boasts translations in the tourism, food and wine and medical-scientific fields. I work with Italian companies for the internationalization of their websites and products for e-commerce, expanding the customer base in the English and French-speaking world. I also work with professional translators and translation agencies, for which I translate marketing, advertising, IT and official documents.

Finally, I deal with language training for school-age children and university students, to whom I offer strengthening and in-depth courses.

Test Design – not needed
Test Design – not needed
Test Design – not needed


Test Design – not needed